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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> the beginning summarize. >> summary. >> there are no police cars on the scene that i am aware of. >> is there any attempt of communication with him? >> i'm not sure. >> did it appear he had any body armor? >> i don't know. they didn't indicate that he did. >> is there any speculation that the suspect fled the area before he caught the house on fire? >> i don't know what kind of speculation is going on there at the scene. at about 12:20, deputies that were actively working the search for christopher dorner received a report on club view drive from the reporting party said that their vehicle had been stolen from their home. they also reported that the subject who stole their vehicle matched the description of christopher dorner. immediately all available law enforcement on the mountain and other units from down the hill began to surround the area.
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our air units were up. they located the vehicle. >> us the peck abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. he barricaded himself in a cabin. at that time, there was an exchange of gunfire between the law enforcement personnel outside of the cabin and the subject inside. during that gunfight. a deputy sheriff, two deputy sheriffs were shot. one of them died after being taken to melinda. the second deputy is currently in surgery and is expected to survive. >> were these deputies on routine patrol or were they part of this large. >> and the deputies that were shot were part of the search audits. (please stand by for change in captioner -- >> the house is burning quite significantly.
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and how soon before they go in and confirm whether he is in there? >> i don't know how soon that will be. probably when it's safe to do so. (please stand by for change in captioners -- captioners. but how sure can you be? how secure is the area around that house. how well were your helicopters watching the area while he was in there and this was playing out? how sure are you? >> i can't answer that right now. >> you can't say who started the blaze? >> no, i don't know. i found out just when i arrived that the cabin was on fire. >> gunfire from the home seems that -- since the fire began at the cabin there has been no other gunfire. >> what can you tell residents of big bear and the surrounding
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area, is this guy still on the loose? >> i can't answer that for you. >> but it's a possibility? >> cindy, thank you. >> thank you, cindy. >> so you hear it, cindy bachman here with us. >> listening if in as we're getting the newest information from cindy bachman. one key question here that the sheriff's department is not able to answer is why is the man here on the right side of your screen, where is christopher dorner? we've been writtenning you the pictures of the cabin in flames. the key question is christopher dorner inside that cabin or did he manage to escape? >> one of the other questions here is what do they do with this cabin that is burning and when will they be able to check if he was in that cabin and if hep was killed during the course of that fire. the way it looks right now is
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they're going to let this fire burn itself out and they will not move in until it's safe. we also heard from cindy bachman saying at this point she's not aware that there were any hostages inside that cabin. she says it was an empty rental cabin. now all of this started a couple of hours ago. christopher dorner stole a car, went up to this cabin and then got into a shootout, we believe this was christopher dorner. got into a shootout with two sheriffs deputies. one of those deputies was killed. the other deputy we just learn asked undergoing surgery. but he is expected to survive. >> and one of the things that cindy bachman made clear, if the man inside the cabin is christopher dorner he is now responsible for three lives taken. this all stems from a -- excuse me, four with the addition of the sheriff's deputy who we just confirmed now died in fact before reaching the hospital. so again, the police on the
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scene have yet to confirm that indeed yes this is christopher dorner. we also have yet to learn how did the fire start. that's something we just heard from sheriffs officials there, cindy did not know hold up the fire started. she did however say that there was active gunfire before the fire and all that smoke broke out. so it sounds like investigators are trying to piece together what's happening there at the scene with the number one concern on their mind being was that in fact christopher dorner, is he inside the cabin and for my, honestly unalleged eye, i don't know how anyone would be able to survive anything like the inferno we've seen. someone who has special skills. again, a former lapd officer, a navy reservist. this is someone who the l.a. police chief said knows what he is doing because we trained him. >> the police and authorities here have this area surrounded. so they do not think if he is outside of that cabin that he
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will get past them. now obviously the sun is starting to go down. that is going to create a whole new set of issues, but we heard ken wayne talking a couple minutes ago about how one of the things that authorities will have here are infrared sights so they can see at night. they can see where they have heat imaging ability so they can tell when there is something down there that is alive whether it's an animal or christopher dorner. that will help authorities once the sun goes down. that certainly is going to create a new set of issues. they won't be able to have the eye in the sky. >> it is a very tense situation. one that has been developing very rapidly all afternoon. we've been bringing it to you live on channel 2. thick black smoke and flames started pouring from that cabin where a man believed to be christopher
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dorner was holed up all afternoon. one of two sheriff's deputies who was injured in a shootout with the man believed to be dorner today has died. let's go now to rob roth. you have also been monitoring the late developments. >> reporter: right, about a half hour ago s.w.a.t. teams fired tear gas into the home where they believe dorner is holed up. a large fire has broken out. flames have engulfed the cabin. the sheriff's department is at the scene. officials say the suspect exchanged gunfire with law enforcement. [ sound of gunfire ] the break in the case came less than fire hours ago. >> they received a call of a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of club view drive. when they responded there they received information from the person reporting that the stolen vehicle was stolen by an individual that appeared to be very similar to christopher dorner. >> reporter: a short time later authorities found the stolen pickup truck. >> this individual barricaded himself in one of the cabins there and an exchange of gunfire occurred. during that exchange of gunfire
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two officers were injured. >> reporter: now the l.a. times is reporting one of those officers has died. sheriffs have now surrounded the cabin we heard on police scanners authorities have requested a special armored vehicle. the federal aviation administration has declared the area around the cabin a no fly zone. authorities say they don't want the suspect to know their tactics. roadblocks were set up around big bear and schools were in lockdown. he began his run from the law on february 6th after authorities connected the slayings of a former police captain's daughter and her fiance with an angry ma niftiest toe. he vowed to bring warfare to los angeles police and their family members. he allegedly tried to steal a boat in an ambush with police shooting three and killing one. police have a message for dorner. >> it's time to turn yourself in. it's time to let this event and
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let this incident be over. >> reporter: we are awaiting word object next steps by law enforcement officers surrounding that burning cabin. it's unclear if the man is still inside the cabin or has escaped. we do know that dorner indicated he does not fear death. reporting live from the news room, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and back now to live pictures from big bear, the area there you can see that the cabin there is still on fire. authorities believe that the person inside that cabin is christopher dorner. what we don't know is whether he was able to escape from that cabin before it was engulfed in flames. authorities do have the area surrounded, but the sun is going down. that is going to make things more difficult. fortunately authorities do have night vision goggles which will allow them to see somewhat in the area. a lot of things going on. a lot of big questions that still haven't been answered.
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chief among them, where is christopher dorner. >> the l.a. police commander said that the goal here is very clear, he said that lapd or in this case san bernadino county sheriffs want to take him into custody with no one else getting hurt. in fact when one of the reporters there asked commander andrew smith what would you say to christopher dorner if he was listening to you right now he said enough is enough, it is time to stop the bloodshed and called for christopher dorner to surrender. at this point we don't know if christopher dorner is still inside the cabin as frank said. you can certainly understand why the intensity of the situation is still there. even though to some this might look like finality. this is by no means the end of the search for christopher dorner. by no means the end of the story. police have yet to say if indeed this is christopher dorner. we've been talking about and reporting on all afternoon. if he is still inside that cabin or as the question was raised did he somehow manage to
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escape. >> when we heard from cindy bachman a couple of minutes ago she was saying firefighters will not be allowed near this scene until they are positive it is a safe situation for them. christopher dorner believed to be heavily armed. very dangerous. now it is suspected that he has killed four people. prior to this fire breaking out he was involved in a shootout with two deputies and unfortunately one of those deputies was killed. the other we just got information that says he is in surgery but is expected to survive. that was a shootout where we have been told hundreds of rounds were fired. again, just an indication of how heavily armed christopher dorner is. and how he has said he probably is not going to be taken alive. he is not fearful of dying. he thinks he probably will die by the time this is all said and done. >> you know we mentioned the gunfire that was exchanged, rob roth just a minute ago brought
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us the recording, an audio recording of all the shots that were fired to give you almost a firsthand account of just how intense that gun battle must have been between this man believed to be christopher dorner and sheriffs deputies who came upon him. there in big bear, small community has you can tell from these pictures, extremely rural. essentially all of los angeles has been on very high alert all week. i remember just yesterday we brought you a story on ktvu channel 2 news at 5 about a lowe's home improvement that was evacuated and searched after someone there said i think i saw christopher dorner. days before that you'll remember that two police officers who were guarding one of the people named in christopher dorner's manifesto, they saw two women delivering newspapers and they actually opened fire believing those two women were a threat. they of course called that a very unfortunate situation. >> well hopefully this situation will be over soon. live pictures of a cabin
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burning in the big bear area. we'll follow this. we'll take a short break and be back momentarily.
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we are watching what may be the fiery end of a five hour standoff near big bear lake in san bernadino county. it's believed that tactical officers stormed the cabin that you're looking at on fire there with tear gas. the building then caught fire and has been burning ever since. the sheriff's department says it has had no contact with the man inside who is believed to be former l.a. police officer christopher dorner who is now suspected of killing four people. we are closely monitoring this. generally in cases like this time is on the side of the authorities. they can wait the situation out, so this could be playing out for several more hours presumably. we will keep you posted. we are monitoring this closely. as soon as we get new information we'll bring it to
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you and we'll have periodic updates. in the meantime we do have other news we want to report on. in vallejo, one person is dead, four others wounded after a shooting last night. this comes as the police chief says his department is spread way too thin. john sasaki is here now with what he's learned about the shooting. >> reporter: you can see the candles back there where this brazen shootout happened last night. people have been mourning all afternoon. they've been mourning the lives lost. people in vallejo are worried about the health and well being of their city. the gunfire stunned residents. >> sounded like fireworks there was so many of them. >> reporter: some people were in the garage at the home when someone else rolled up and opened fire. >> i'm sitting in the living room with my kid and you just hear multiple shots. only thing i can do is get
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down. >> they did return fire from inside or around the garage area. recovered numerous shell casings. >> reporter: two homicides in the past week on top of the home invasion last week in which a mother and two adult children were shot. police chief told me his department is struggling with staffing levels about half of what they once were. >> even our investigative resources are stretched tremendously thin. >> reporter: residents say something must be done to curb the violence. >> the efficiency of a police department i don't think is completely dependent on the number of police officer. the community could come forward. >> we have to bring more businesses to this place. we need more jobs. we're hurting. >> reporter: the city's reputation for crime is making it harder to do business. >> it's really frustrating to manage a city that has such needs and not to be able to
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address them immediately. >> reporter: the man who was killed as been identified as oscar garcia. >> richmond police have identified a man who was shot and wounded by officers as 30- year-old elston young of san francisco. neighbors had reported seeing an armed man. police say they confronted the man and shot him. young is expected to survive. officials have not said if he shot at the officers. this is the first officer involved shooting in that city since 2011. >> sheriffs deputies are investigating a suspicious package at a transit stop in milpitas. you can see the images from news chopper 2. the package was reported to authorities about 3:00 this afternoon. it was on top of a bench.
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bus and light rail service have not been interrupted because of this investigation. no word on what may be inside that package. >> we're just about 45 minutes away from our live coverage of president obama's state of the union address tonight. the president is set to address immigration reform. he's expected to call on congress to pass gun control measures such as universal background checks. certainly we know the broad themes of president obama's state of the union address, now david stevenson reports on what people in the bay area want to hear. >> reporter: business is booming at just for fun. after a couple of bumpy years in which parents wouldn't even bring the kids inside. >> children would want to come in the store and there'd be the argument that they can't buy anything because they're fearful that their income may be affected.
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>> reporter: consumer confidence here is up after the worst recession since the great depression. he hopes president obama's state of the union address will focus on nurturing new and recovering small businesses. >> he needs to continue on the path of making it affordable for businesses. >> reporter: with the nation's unemployment rate at almost 8%, the president will renew his call for further economic stimulus. >> the economy is poised to continue to grow. to continue to build on the progress we've made. to continue to build on the job creation. >> reporter: in san francisco where the unemployment rate stands at about 6.5%. workers told us the president can create more bay area jobs by focusing on education and
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job training. local hire and job training advocates said the president must grow the middle class. >> we want to hear the conversation amount of training, help folks move from low income communities into the middle class. >> coming up at 5:30 we'll go to washington, d.c. where you'll hear from members of the bay area's congressional delegation on what they expect to hear from the president tonight. >> the san jose city council is meeting and may decide whether or not to join the legal effort to overturn california's ban on gay marriage. four council members backed a memo saying san jose join san francisco as friend of the court to create a legal brief. before the meeting started folks who support gay marriage held a small rally outside the council chamber. >> we want to be a part of this because we spoke at the polls in 2008, rejecting prop addition 8. now we want to our
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city leaders to join on our voice. >> the memo to support the brief is the last item on today's agenda and the council at this point still hasn't started debate on that yet. >> the owners of casino matrix have filed a lawsuit. the lawsuit alleges that police administrator in charge of gaming has a conflict of interest because he works for a competing casino. the owners claim that san jose police are targeting matrix customers. the city has not publicly commented on the lawsuit. >> the fbi says after five weeks of digging experts have found no human remains in an abandoned well outside the community of linden. the fbi says it's using information from death row inmate one of the speed freak killers who led them to the remains of three bodies and a
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fetus nearly a year ago. an fbi spokeswoman said the digging will continue until the original bottom of that well is reached. >> it's a ticket scam targeting bart riders. we'll tell you about the arrests police have made and you'll hear from a woman who says she fell for it. >> it does not feel like february out there. beautiful. a little bit of coastal fog. temperatures are on the increase. how much warmer is it going to get as we roll through the rest of this week. i'm back here in 10 minutes.
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bart police are cracking down on scammers who are selling tickets that have been tampered with. these tickets look the same as real tickets. >> reporter: yeah, they look indistinguishable. the difference is somebody has speed one of them so it'll let you into a bart station but unlike the real ticket it won't let you out. this is how a real bart ticket is issued. the customer puts money into the machine and the machine issues a ticket. but scammers have been targeting riders. >> they stand in close proximity to the ticket machines and offer these tickets at a reduced price to our customers. and what's unfortunate is it is too good to be true. >> reporter: bart police say they've arrested eight alleged scammers in just the last three
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weeks. police won't offer too many details on how it's done but will say the tickets are issued by the bart machines and scammers alter them so they'll get victims into the bart station. passengers are stranded when they try to commit and the card doesn't work. >> there is no refund for this type of thing and unfortunately they've been taken advantage of if they end up buying the tickets that way. >> reporter: bart riders say the scammers are smooth. even using hard luck stories to sell the tickets. >> got me in, got me to where i was going to go but the next time i tried to use it it wouldn't work. >> reporter: bart riders say they're on alert. >> it's really shady. i have been in a situation where i did get ripped off but that was in l.a. so ever since then no, i won't go through that route. >> reporter: now if you think you might have better luck with a cheap card you will likely be out of luck. there are similar scams about the clipper cards.
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be sure you pay the full fare and use a real machine like this one behind me. >> it is an intense and continually changing situation in big bear. we're monitoring what is happening there. we'll have another jew date in less than three minutes. >> an emotional game. why both players and parents are urging better traffic control. >> and we're about half an hour away from the president's state of the union address. we'll go live to our washington bureau. they spoke to bay area lawmakers. find out what the lawmakers are looking to hear tonight. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it!
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we are now just 30 minutes
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away from president barack obama making his state of the union address. earlier david stevenson reported on how the president will focus on jobs and the middle class. he's also expected to make a key announcement about u.s. troops in afghanistan. what bay area members of congress are looking for tonight. >> reporter: oakland congressman was the first to arrive to get an aisle seat for the state of the union. i spoke with her and other bay area lawmakers about a what they want to hear from the president tonight. he didn't give me detames about his state of the union address. he will talk about job growth and the economy. >> i want to hear about a national plan to eliminate poverty by beginning to reduce it by half in ten years. >> reporter: local representatives say creating jobs is the biggest concern for
5:32 pm
california taxpayers. >> it's jobs, it's education. they want to make sure that their kids can afford an education. that there's a job related to that education. >> reporter: president obama will call for more spending on infrastructure and manufacturing. >> they want government investing in the american work sore we can see continued growth. they don't want government to get in the way of growth right now. because we do see positive signs at home. only congress can stop that. >> reporter: sitting with the first lady tonight is apple's ceo tim cook. i'm told that the president will announce the withdrawal of 34,000 troops from afghanistan by this time next year. reporting live in washington, jacqueline femme, ktvu channel 2 news. >> want to update you now on our top story tonight. a deadly standoff believed to involve christopher dorner. we've been showing you live pictures all afternoon as a cabin where dorner is believed
5:33 pm
to be holed up burned. the associated mess cited a source as saying that dorner never emerged from this burning cabin. the standoff at the cabin began about 12:30 this afternoon after a man shot two sheriffs deputies, killing one of them and then fleeing inside this cabin. flames broke out just in the past 90 minutes. the newest information we have coming from the a.p. citing a source saying that dorner never came out. we're staying on top of this developing story. we'll bring you new information as we get it. the united nations security council condemned yesterday's nuclear test by north korea. north korea's u.n. ambassador was mobbed by reporters. a statement approved by all 15 council members said the test posed a quote clear threat to international peace and security. north korea today said the test was for self-defense purposes and did not violate
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international law. >> a 100-year-old tunnel that connects drivers to parts of richmond has been shut down after crews discovered it's untable stable. workers on an improvement project discovered part of the tunnel's interior had famed. a large void between the tunnel's interior concrete lining and the ceiling. officials say parts of that lining had thinned to as little as 4 inches thick. the tunnel will remain closed until repairs are completed possibly by april 30th. >> a 14-year-old boy who was struck by a car is in a medically-induced coma tonight. his mother is telling us she fears more people will be hurt at the same intersection if something isn't down. john fowler live with what happened when you went to question police about just that. >> reporter: we're outside the clayton valley charter high school gym where just minutes ago the visiting red devils in
5:35 pm
green dedicated this freshman basketball game against clayton valley to critically injured teammate joey hornsby. >> i played with him since third grade. so he's my friend. >> he should have been out here playing with us. we got to step our game up. >> reporter: tonight at children's hospital oakland 14- year-old joey hornsby is in critical condition with broken legs and traumatic brain injury. >> they won't be able to tell me until the swelling goes down, until they start bringing him out of his induced coma. >> reporter: as we first reported last night it happened as joey walked to basketball practice. a car hit him in this marked crosswalk. it was early afternoon. the driver cooperated with police who said she was neither
5:36 pm
speeding nor under the influence. police told me all traffic officers are off today and no one could speak about the repeated accidents that people told us happen here. >> i hope they the city of concord wakes up and does something about that bear section. there's going to be more lives that are going to be in danger. it is not well set up and it is not safe for anybody. >> reporter: players told me they wore red wristbands for joey. they said they want a red stop sign for that intersection. they played their hearts out tonight but clayton valley won this game. reporting live in concord, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> go ahead. >> let's talk about our weather now. over to bill martin. and boy, another beautiful day here in the bay area. >> another dry, beautiful day with temperatures in the mid60s. very cold in the morning
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though. of you noticed the frosty conditions. that's how it stays this week. it's going to stay chilly in the morning. above freezing in most places. here's what the jet stream is doing. it's going straight over the top and out into the great basin. look at the surface here. see this notch? that's the surface winds blowing offshore. there's a little bit of patchy fog at the coast right now. most of the fog at least for the last few hours has been pushed out. how do you know it's offshore winds? you can see it. there's commuters models. you can also visually look at the fog bank and see which way it's going ton we have the offshore wind creating a warmer condition. current temperatures, upper 50s, couple low 60s still showing up. 57 in redwood city. it was a warm day today. not that dissimilar from yesterday. highs tomorrow warmer still. we'll keep toggling the
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temperatures up a bit. overnight lows remain cool. frosty in conditions in some places. the kids go to school, you bundle them up, they come home from school and leave all their bundlings at school. we lose a lot of jackets this time of year. daytime highs are back into the mid and upper 60s tomorrow. you end up in the mid60s. maybe low 70s as we go into the next couple of days. mostly clear and cool tonight. extended forecast, you knew that too. it's going to get boo warmer into the next 24 to 48 hours. where is the rain? i'll go looking for that at 5:45. there's fog at beaches. how will that impact your day and the avenues tomorrow. >> as we are less than hour an hour away here from president obama's state of the union
5:39 pm
address, moms are awaiting the address when it comes to troop withdrawal. one mom says it should be all or nothing. >> beware of unfriending someone in the virtual world. what that could le to in the real world.
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. we're minutes away from president obama's state of the
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union address. the president is expected to talk about the withdrawal of more troops from afghanistan. ktvu's allie rasmus is live with how many troops are coming home and reaction from bay area blue star moms. >> reporter: there are 66,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. that number could be cut in half by this time next year. the blue star flag have been up since november 2010. >> this is my son patrick. >> reporter: patrick is based in camp henned l ton but will be deployed to afghanistan next month. >> it looks like seven months. things are changing constantly. we don't know from one day to the next. >> reporter: she doesn't know if her son's deployment could be cut short. tonight president obama is expected to announce the withdrawal of 34,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan by 2014. >> the withdrawal of troops is popular in the polls, most americans would like to see the
5:43 pm
troops come home. >> reporter: only about 6000 u.s. troops will come home this spring. the majority will leave from september to february next year. but that won't be the end of u.s. military involvement. >> for years and years there will continue to be in what they're calling a support role. and we don't know how many troops. and we don't know exactly what their support role will be. >> reporter: that doesn't provide any relief for this blue star mom. >> my feeling is that there's safety in numbers. if we're going to have our guys there, have all of our guys there. if they're going to bring them home, bring them all home. i'd like them all to come home. stop sending our troops. get this over with. it's been going on long enough. >> reporter: and we will have live coverage of the president's state of the union speech starting at 6. >> apple ceo tim cook calls a
5:44 pm
lawsuit a silly sideshow. an investor sued apple. cook says the proposal puts more power in the hands of shareholders and he doesn't understand why a shareholder would fight it. the proposal is scheduled for a vote at company's annual meeting in two weeks. the dow jones closed at its highest level this year. closing above 14,000. that's within 1% of its record high. the nasdaq dropped 5.5. the s -- >> according to a ph.d. student at the university of colds, about 40% of those surveyed said they would avoid someone who unfriended them. the same student did a study two years ago on why people are unfriended. some of the main reasons included frequent unimportant post and those are political,
5:45 pm
sexual or racial overtones. >> the threat of climate change in the bay area. we investigate what's being done to prepare for rising water levels.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
we return to our breaking news coverage of a shootout and standoff in san bernadino county. we've been watching a remote cabin that's been burning. officials say they have reason to believe fugitive lapd officer christopher dorner is inside. the associated press has quoted a source as saying dorner never left this cabin. we're also getting reports from
5:48 pm
the ap that a source said they heard a single shot from inside the cabin before flames and smoke broke out. at this point authorities have not made contact with the man inside this cabin. authorities say that one deputy was killed by the suspect believed to be dorner this afternoon. we know that another sheriff's deputy was wounded but is expected to survive. >> just how much of the hundreds of miles of shoreline and millions of acres in the greater bay area could flood in the increasingly dire predictions of rising waters play out? we'll show you the big and scary picture. >> reporter: it said most major cultures have a flood story. those stories may come alive again. whether you agree with the science or not, preparations are underway in the bay area in hopes of dealing with the possibility. >> the bay is huge. the bay actually has about 500
5:49 pm
miles of shoreline. >> reporter: the executive director of the bay conservation and development. >> the bay will change. we have to accept that. >> reporter: ironically it formed in the 1960s in response to the public outcry over the shrinking of the bay. today they find itself having to protect the bay from growing too large. >> for example you're talking about seawalls. what can we afford not to do? >> reporter: a futuristic map visualizes what could happen in the bay area if the waters rise. by 20 # 30 the bay could rise by a full foot. by 2050, two feet. and by the turn of the century just under 6 feet. it could mean disaster for much of the bay area. for example, standing on the
5:50 pm
water's edge it could rise 8 inches above my head. what about developments now proposed around the bay? >> about 65 acres. >> reporter: planning to build a 5000 population neighborhood on this industrial wasteland along the oakland shoreline. >> we were the first project that met their new guideline. >> reporter: that means raising the land by about three feet. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> marine county residents are opposing the proposal to build low income housing. several residents said the site is inappropriate. he originally wanted to build a new film studio. now the star wars creator wants to rezone the area for affordable housing. a new ranking of dogs that get into trouble by what they eat ranks the labrador retriever at top.
5:51 pm
according to the aspca's poison control center, the lab generated the most calls by worries about what the dogs ate. there were 10,000 for domestic short hair cats. >> former san francisco 49ers lineman is expected in court next month. he failed to file returns from 2006 to 2008 on more than $142,000 in income. he is now facing three misdemeanor charges, each carries a maximum sentence of a year behind bars and a $100,000 fine. he was a ktvu analyst during this nfl season. he had no comment today. today is mardi gras, fat tuesday, the final day of celebrating around the world. rain and drizzle swept the
5:52 pm
streets of new orleans today. the parades and revelers enjoy themselves right up until midnight. tomorrow marks the start of the season of lent. >> fat tuesday is being celebrated in the bay area. david stevenson live where it sounds like a party is well underway. >> reporter: that's right. it got underway about 45 minutes ago. everyone is in the spirit. take a look at the costumes. it's amazing what you can do with feather and bubble wrap. we're seeing beads, masks, there's a blues band and a lot of street artists and performers joining neighborhood residents to celebrate fat tuesday. ash wednesday begins tomorrow. this is the seventh year this celebration has been held here. organizers say their goal is to bring together a diverse group like you can see here. young and old of all races. this is being marketed to hotels to bring in tourist
5:53 pm
visitors to enjoy the fun. >> mardi gras san francisco style. we're not trying to compete with new orleans. but we have started this trend seven years ago and now we have a little bit of everybody celebrating mardi gras now. so i love it. >> reporter: the concert here continues. you can see everyone enjoying themselves. after that there's a new orleans-style parade led by a brass band. the culminates with a mardi gras masquerade ball. the proceeds will go to youth programs. it's cold out here, but people are enjoying the fun having a great time kicking off fat tuesday. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. love that guy in the white coat behind you. next time you want to buy something online it could be
5:54 pm
just a tweet away. how you can make a purchase with a simple hashtag.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
palo alto's police chief is getting ready to take the public on a virtual ride along. officers first live tweeted from their patrol cars updating followers on every call, crime
5:57 pm
and arrest. on friday afternoon the chief will be taking part for the first time. the department says the chief and other officers will be answering questions live throughout the evening. twitter is teaming up with american express so users can make purchases with a hashtag comment. consumers need to sync their twitter account to american express first and with a hashtag and a commercial command they'll will able to make a payment. a confirmation will be sent and users have to respond within 15 minutes. online stores such as amazon, sony and urban zen will be ready for the business on wednesday. >> if you're planning to fly out of san francisco international airport this weekend you may want to leave earl. a major runway will be temporarily closed beginning friday night at 10:00 p.m. through monday morning at 8:00 a.m. officials could reduce flight traffic in half as a result.
5:58 pm
the temporary shutdown will allow crews to perform upgrades. >> we minutes away from president obama's fifth state of the union address. these are live pictures inside the capitol building. just a minute ago we were monitoring the live picture and we saw former congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly. our coverage starts in just minutes. we'll be right back.
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